Our target is to ensure “Zero Accident”, and the life and safety of all our employees are valuable to us.

The health and safety of our employees are valuable to us. Thus, in all areas we operate, we have been making efforts to develop, extent, effectively implement and continuously improve the programs about the health and safety of our employees. We are determined to make occupational health and safety sustainable in Rönesans Holding and make it an inseparable part of its corporate culture along with all business processes.

Rönesans Leads the Safe Work on the Geography in the World Where it operates

Our determined and consistent attitude, our occupational health and safety management system and the mitigation and preventive actions we take against probable risks are the most important guarantee for our employees in all our working areas. Our awareness on these issues and determined steps, along with high-quality and continuous training, have been guiding all our employees to establish a culture of occupational health and safety in the world standards.


Renaissance Heavy Industries applies an Environmental Management System for engineering, procurement, construction and project management services for national and international industrial plants.

Sustainability is not simply an alternative path to economic growth, it is another way of managing natural and financial resources to ensure environmental protection and social cohesion. It is a lifestyle.

Mr. Alptekin Tizer, President and Chairman of the Board of RHI, answered questions about the company’s policy in relation to sustainability:

What does sustainability mean for Reneaissance Heavy Industries (RHI)?

We have three core values: Challenge, commitment and trust, which define our way of thinking. As a large-scale company, we are involved in the most complex projects. These projects bring economic opportunities to local people, but at the same there are risks of adverse social and environmental impacts. We are challenged to execute our projects in the most sustainable way, without compromising our commitments, so that we can sustain trust not only between our company and clients, but also with the stakeholders involved in the projects.

What are we doing to achieve this?

We are trying to embed the concept of sustainability in its widest sense (in relation to the environment, our employees, third parties, communities, and local authorities) in our cultural and operational procedures.

In 2014, we established a HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) committee to work on strategic issues related to sustainability, where I preside as the chairman. Our idea of sustainable development is strongly based on our commitment and vision. An open dialogue with all stakeholders of our projects is also important to us.

Apart from key performance indicators, which, among others, include the success achieved by our project managers, we also consider indicators that measure how we:

• Ensure our employees’ safety

• Ensure and promote our employees’ safety health

• Ensure the security of our employees and company’s assets

• Develop the professional capabilities and competences of our employees, promoting, self-motivation and self-fulfillment

• Contribute to the local development, while sticking to the global concept “Think globally, act locally”

• Comply with our clients’ requirements and promote client satisfaction

• Minimize and manage environmental impacts over the life cycle of a project

Quality Management

'Renaissance has been able to provide a big number of welders who know how to work with a very low reject rate - less than 1%. Russian welders often have a reject rate of up to 10%. This factor seriously affects the speed of construction, because the faults can only be found out on the last step of the technological process after the control of several dozens of weld Joints and to correct them we have to go through the whole process all over again.'Mikhail Karisalov, Executive Director of SIBUR [Newspaper SIBUR Tobolsk:, March 2013]

Continuous improvement of quality is one of the basic factors that allows RHI to gain a competitive advantage in the construction business.

RHI aims not only to ensure systems and operations are functioning at their best and to monitor the product itself, but also the way it is installed, stored and transported and to meet specific requirements and characteristics, such as being reliable, satisfactory, safe and financially sound.

Since the company's motto is “We Build Trust”, it is vital for us to maintain high quality standards and maintain the company's excellent reputation. Our ultimate objective is to achieve zero system defects.

The quality control measures Include quality control organization; methods of performing, documenting, and enforcing the quality control operations of both the company and its subcontractors (including Inspection and testing); inspections to be performed; and a protocol describing corrective actions.

HSE Management

"Everybody goes home safe” is the main idea of our occupational health and safety policy.

The health and safety of employees is the fundamental policy of RHI's professional ethical perception. Therefore, continuous efforts are made to provide a suitable environment for protecting an improving the health and safety of the work force in all operational areas and to integrate these efforts into the corporate culture as an inseparable part of all business processes.

Polices regarding health and safety management and continuous precaution against possible risks proves RHI's commitment to its employees and in return constantly assure the employees' loyalty to the company.

With scheduled training given to all employees and sub-contractors in health and safety subjects, an educated and competent workforce is created along with a working environment where employees are responsible not only for their own but also for others' health and safety.

RHI minimizes its environmental impacts of construction, investment and energy projects during construction and operation phases. It develops new strategies by continuously monitoring gas emission, solid/liquid waste, energy and water consumption.

Rönesans Holding has all the resources to implement the international LEED (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design) standards and has an ISO 14001certificate, a symbol of expertise in the Environmental Management System. Our Company always acts responsibly at every phase of the project when it comes to environmental quality, material utilization, water, energy and waste management.

Local Content

One of the basic policies of RHI is being "Globally Local".

RHI is a global company. While we will be extending our geographic frontiers, we will always be deeply rooted in the countries we operate and will try to bring prosperity to the regional economies around which we revolve. We select our countries of presence carefully and operate only in countries where we have a wealth of knowledge. Our strategy is to combine the local know-how and the local company's in-depth knowledge with economies of scale, the best methods and technologies owned by the International company.

Our policy is to establish a sustainable presence wherever we conduct business and stay for the long term. We need to be close to our customers, ensure that their projects contribute to local development and have a keen understanding of all the strategic markets. Local content is therefore the key to deliver these benefits.

Contributing to economic activity

Our strong presence in the countries in which we operate with fabrication assets and our extensive network of suppliers give us the capability to undertake projects involving a very high level of local content. This in turn links the economy of the host country with the growth of our own economy.

Training and employing local population

RHI plays a key role as a local employer by giving priority to on-site hiring.

Recruiting locally Is an opportunity to access local talent pools and widen the expertise of the Group. This policy relies on the transfer of skills between our operating centers and training of the local talents. The company has opened schools in Turkmenistan and Russia where we train in welding, industrial electric Installations and mechanical assembling.

Supporting local communities

RHI is strongly committed to respect local cultures and works continually to Improve the well-being of communities. When working with local communities our approach is one of dialog and consideration.

Rönesans Holding pays extensive Importance to education and created the Educational Foundation in 2010, which supports education by providing grants to students, distributing school supplies and books for needly children and opening schools. RHI tries to execute the vision of the Rönesans Holding to support education at the project level as well by supporting schools and orphanages around the project location.

Human Resources & Training

“By People” is RHl's business policy, with aims to develop and strengthen human capital. Contractors depend on the capability of each employee and the collaborative power of team work. We recognize that the value created by human capital RHl's source of growth. RHI develops a corporate culture that attracts human capital and to upgrade its human resource management.

RHI is known as a dynamic company that is able to compete for the most challenging projects, coupled with tight construction schedules. This is achieved through very dynamic management staff in their 30's and 40's.

One way of promoting and retaining managers in the Group is through an extensive training program. Various courses for management, engineers and crafts have been established. These courses help expand the expand the skills of those individuals who participate in the programs. At the same time it helps to cultivate the new skills and techniques needed to help us expand our resources and expertise in the execution of our projects.

The management of RHI assessed the need for this program by surveying employees at all levels identify the areas they believed needed improvement. Courses gives all permanent employees an opportunity for professional growth.