Quality Management

Quality is the basic business principle for RHI. Quality means providing our external and internal customers with innovative services that fully satisfy their requirements. Quality is the job of every employee in RHI. 

Renaissance Heavy Industries follows up the QUALİTAS (Quality Portal) in order to ensure that the reports regarding all the activities conducted on site and head office and also the emerging non-conformances are instantly monitored.  

Qualitas ensures and manages the determination of Quality Risks and creating awareness of operational risks. It follows up up-to-dateness of data entered into the portal, and thus ensures that all the project documents are collected in a pool and the Renaissance technical document archive is created.


·  Establishing a standard audit system within the company, conducting internal audit in accordance with this system, reporting non-conformances and conveying them to senior management and projects, following up the actions and ensuring their continuous improvement,

· Following up the projects through field controls (spot control) and determining and reporting the resulting non-conformances and issues to be improved,

· Realizing the Portal system setup, digitalizing the quality processes and ensuring that the organizational information is established and generalized, protecting the company memory through the portal, keeping it up-to-date and analyzing the previous experiences processed in the data pool,

· Setting the company goals in accordance with the established vision and systematically following up the targets for company,

· Encouraging a risk-based system of thought and collecting them in the Quality Management System portal in standard format, analyzing them and ensuring operability of the risk management system,

· Supporting the projects in terms of establishing the quality personnel norm staff system and providing a competent quality personnel,

· Providing technical support,

· Ensuring that the Company is in compliance with domestic laws and requirements of the international management system and employers' contracts, as well as analyzing and following up the deficiencies,

· Carrying out the Technical Quality Training needs analyses in projects, holding meetings with independent training companies and coordinating the required training,

· Ensuring the operability of  quality systems (ISO 9001).

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